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Sci Fi

5 Great Robot Movies

Robot movies are a type of film everyone likes to watch. It makes us think about the future, where robots can make life easier for us by performing menial tasks that few like to undertake. This is a rundown of five great movies that focus on the robot. These are not films where robots are secondary to the story line, which is why the Star Wars films have been omitted. Whatever your age or favorite movie genre, there is a robot movie here you are sure to enjoy....(more)

Heroes and Villains in the Skywalker Family Tree

The Star Wars movie franchise prominently features several members of the Skywalker family tree. While the movie portrays most members of this family as heroes, the family's patriarch turns into a villain for thesecond half of the story....(more)

Inside the "Star Wars" Universe: A Character Profile of Mara Jade Skywalker

Author Timothy Zahn first created Mara Jade Skywalker to introduce a strong and complex female character to the Star Wars universe. Though she was initially flawed and served the dark side of the Force, the character went on to become a fan favorite. Learn more about this fascinating addition to the "Star Wars" universe....(more)

Jedi Ranks in the "Star Wars" Movie Series

The "Star Wars" story centers on the struggles of the Jedi against their enemies. All the films of the franchise explore the nature of the Jedi and divide the group's members into two categories: masters and apprentices. According to the films, a person must first pass through several stages of apprenticeship before achieving the full rank of Jedi Knight....(more)


7 Halloween Movies That Aren't Actually Scary

For all you scaredy-cats out there - these movies are both family-friendly and shouldn't give you any nightmares!...(more)

Top 10 Terrifying Disney Villains

Just because these Disney villains were cartoons didn't mean they weren't worthy of haunting our childhood dreams! Let's revisit our Disney favorites....(more)

8 Childhood Movies You'll Be Shocked You Forgot About

Ask anyone what their favorite childhood movies are: chances are it's a Disney musical. But do you remember these 8 classic childhood movies that were just as good?...(more)


The Incredible Evolution of Movie Visual Effects

Looking back at the very beginnings of special effects in film, it's extraordinary to see how far technology has come today!...(more)

7 Terrible Movies Made by Great Directors

Even when you're an expert, it's impossible to always deliver do top-notch work. These 7 directors had the misfortune of releasing a sub-par movie. ...(more)

6 Gaping Plot Holes that Almost Ruin Their Movies

We've all had that experience, finishing a really good movie and then thinking, "Hold on a second..." The world of cinema does require some suspension of disbelief in order to truly enjoy the larger than life aspect of movies, but these six movies really take the cake in terms of frustrating plot holes. ...(more)

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