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What Are the Best Japanese Animation Movies for Kids?

Japanese animation, more commonly called anime, offers up a huge variety of stories in every film and age category. For the very best Japanese animation for kids, there is only one name to keep in mind: Studio Ghibli. The head of the studio, Hayao Miyazaki, is often called "The Walt...(more)

Top 6 Adult Anime Movies

Anime isn't just for kids anymore. In fact, there's an extensive library of mature animated features from Japan that have been around for years. If you want something a little different than the placid, family-friendly Studio Ghibli fare, check out these movies. Whether for blood, guts, explosions, or sex, all...(more)

Action and Adventure

10 Movies Coming in 2014 You Need to Know About

You may have heard of some huge blockbuster movies like the new "X-Men," "Captain America," and "Spiderman" installments set for release in 2014, but did you know these incredibly exciting new films (including several adaptations of popular books) are also coming soon to a theater near you? ...(more)

6 Actors Who Would've Been Better Than Ben Affleck in Batman

People aren't too excited about Ben Affleck playing Batman in the "Batman vs. Superman" sequel - perhaps one of these 7 actors would have been better!...(more)

The Cast of Cold Mountain

"Cold Mountain" is a movie about a wounded soldier trying to return home to Cold Mountain, North Carolina in order to reunite with the woman he fell in love with before being shipped off to war. The movie received a decent amount of attention and did remarkably well at the box office. The budget for the film was $79 million while the numbers it pulled in were upwards of $173 million. Given the list of stars appearing in the film, it is little wonder that people were interested in seeing it....(more)


7 Scariest Women in Movies

Scary movies are frightening enough on their own, but when the character who is wreaking havok and terror is a woman... you best prepare yourself!...(more)

Spoilers: 5 Craziest Movie Plot Twists

These are the movies that made your jaw drop. If you were watching it at home you paused it and asked, "What?" If you saw it in theaters you wandered out wide eyed and confused. These are the top 5 craziest plot twists. Don't read "The Twist" sections if you haven't seen the movies!...(more)

Movie Review: Brick

If you look for a film noir, you often desperately search the shelves for an older movie. The genre fell out of favor after the 1950s, with only some small efforts to revive it. The film "Brick" is one such efforts, and it pushes the genre to a new level....(more)

Marc Eastman has been writing movie reviews for over 12 years, contributing to several websites. In 2008 he launched his own blog/site,, and quickly became a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association. He also co-hosts the RU? Instant Reaction Review podcast, where he tries to take some of... Read More