The 5 Most Expensive Movies of All Time

Making a blockbuster movie isn't cheap. Can you guess the costliest movies ever made? Read to find out the top 5 films with the highest budgets and how they fared at the box office.


#5: "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

David Yates really outdid himself with the 6th movie of the Harry Potter series, spending about $250 million to make the film. Still, it was money well spent, as "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" generated $924.4 million worldwide, making it the 8th highest grossing movie of all time.


#4: "John Carter"

"John Carter," based on the classic sci-fi novel "A Princess of Mars," also cost a quarter billion dollars to produce. However, the movie barely earned back its budget, grossing only $282.8 million worldwide. It appears that a massive budget doesn't always reap massive box office return.


#3: "Spider-Man 3"

The third installment in the Spiderman franchise also happens to be the third most expensive movie of all time. With an estimated budget of $258 million, "Spider-Man 3" yielded ticket sales higher than ever for the series. $890.8 million were spent worldwide to see Tobey Maguire play Spidey one last time.


#2: "Tangled"

It might surprise you that an animated movie made the list, but "Tangled" ranks as the number 2 most expensive movie ever. The $260 million budget was spent on a combination of hand-drawn animation and flashy computer animation. This Disney retelling of Rapunzel grossed upwards of $590 million at the box office.


#1: "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"

Not the first, not the second, but the third movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean series had the greatest production budget of all time. Moreover, "At World's End" is the only known film to ever exceed the absurd $300 million mark. The cost was definitely worth it, since the movie racked up nearly $1 billion worldwide.

As you can see, big investments are made in the movie business. Millions of dollars are spent to create, market, and produce Hollywood's biggest box office movies. Check out these big budget films to see if you think they were worth all that money.

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