8 Indie Films That Actually Didn't Stink

Anyone can respect an indie film, but these in particular left a lasting impression on us all. Here's to 8 indie films that actually didn't stink.


"Juno" is a clever and quirky indie film that centers around a teenage pregnancy and the family who is going to adopt the child.

"Little Miss Sunshine"

"Little Miss Sunshine" is about a screwed-up family that does everything it takes to get to a beauty contest for the youngest member of the family, who still has her innocence.


This dialogue-centric indie film by Kevin Smith focuses on the conversations of two underachieving buddies who work at a corner market.

"Requiem for a Dream"

Based off the book by Hubert Selby Jr., this film depicts the harsh realities of addiction and what happens when they get taken too far.

"Blue Velvet"

This crime drama by notoriously weird director David Lynch revolves around a young man who investigates a murder and is kidnapped by a psychotic crime lord played by Dennis Hopper.

"Donnie Darko"

This indie film focuses on a teenager who receives a visit from a mysterious figure in a bunny costume named Frank, who tells him that the world is going to end in 28 days.

"The Terminator"

The original installment of this uber-successful franchise was originally an indie film due to a far-out plot and an untested director James Cameron.

"Evil Dead"

This campy, 1979 horror film focuses on five youths in a secluded Tennessee cabin who must battle a hoard of demons to stay alive.

Indie films are not just artistic pieces that you need a fine arts degree to enjoy. Some are action packed, sarcastic, and full of personality - but simply lack funding from big studios.

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